Don't get hung up, getting set up.
You need your software up and running fast. We're here to help..

Is your time best spent toiling for hours, trying to install unmanageable scripts - only to botch them in the end?? OR, spent on tasks (eg. marketing) that will actively bring revenue to your product or website?

The Pro Script Install team will expertly shoulder the burden of your time consuming script installations and get them up and running quickly, so you can spend your time doing more profitable tasks?

What We Do.

Pro Script Installation will install any script, anywhere you want, exactly to your specifications. Our install team is lightning fast and expert in virtually every installation, server set up and configuration. (Click here for a breakdown of how a project works.) We handle the tough stuff, so you don't have to. Here are few things we're used to doing:

-Blogs and related scripts
-Bulletin Boards (Forums)
-Online Community Scripts
-Social bookmarking/rating system or Digg clone (like Pligg)
-Article Directory Scripts
-Shopping Cart Scripts
-Contact Form Scripts
-Tell-A-Friend scripts
-Newsletter / Auto-responder Scripts
-Content management systems (CMS)
-Link Directory Scripts
-Image Gallery Scripts
-Guestbook Scripts

...just to name a few. Installations are fast, fully tested and guaranteed to work. Like to see what other people have said about our work? Click here

How Do You Book the Pro Script Install Team?

Booking the installation team is easy . Simply click here, choose the package you want and the Pro Script Install team will immediately get to work. They'll be in and out before you know it, with everything installed, verified and with instructions on how to get started. Your installation is 100% guaranteed to work.

Book the Pro Script Team for your project.

Installations are FAST and Guaranteed.

Completion times vary, but most of the time, scripts can be installed and ready within 24 hours. We'll be in constant contact with you and keep you abreast of our progress. Like more information on exactly how an installation project works? Click here.

The Pro Script Commitment of Trust and Privacy.

We operate with our clients' trust and privacy as our #1 priority. We do not store our clients' server information and are always more than happy to help our clients change their passwords after we're done with the installation. Furthermore, we can even show you how to create temporary access for us - we'll get in, do our job and you can rest assured knowing everything is safe. Nothing surpasses the value of our clients' trust.

Book the Pro Script Team for your project.

Know what you want, but don't have the script? No problem!

We have a horde of FREE scripts on hand that we can immediately install for you. Click here for more information... (and if we don't have what you want, we'll point you in the right direction.)

Pro Script Install is based on what YOU want. What you need, we'll accommodate. Just need a fast installation and nothing more? No problem. Need a little more guidance and someone to hold your hand through the process? That's what they're here for.

Who are Pro Script Install clients?

Our clients fall into 1 of 2 categories:

A) Those that have decided they should leave the tech stuff to the experts, while they spend their time on revenue generation.

B) Those that have already wasted hours trying to install a script, only to bungle it in the end.

For those of you that fall into category A), congratulations on find our site, we can't wait to get started on your project. For those of you that fall into category B), we feel your pain and are here to help.

It's not really a question of whether you need help or not. Anyone, given enough time wading around in the muck can figure out how to work / install / or even program just about anything. Really, the question is whether wading around in the muck is how your time is best spent. Usually, it's not.

You'll NEVER have to see these again...

HTTP 500 - Internal server error.
Unable to complete installation.
Unable to connect to database.
Installation Problem - password login, install.php
Newest build Can't find connexion template
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_executable()
Install did not work - Can't create database.
Cannot re-connect to db
Can't login to "install.php"
Error to create database
500 Internal Error

Will you miss these friendly little messages?! We doubt it. Check out our packages by clicking the link below and choose the one that 'best fits' your needs...

Book the Pro Script Team for your project.